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You don't have to just
dream about Success

What if you could unlock the barriers to achieving 40-60% more in the next 6 months?  What could you accomplish?  Where would you be? 

Successful Business is the result of Unlocking Your  Millionaire Mind and Learning to leverage 
the Power of Positive Relationships.

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YOU can unlock the barriers to 
UNLIMITED personal potential and create a Profitable life.

Entrepreneurs are driven and passionate.  Sometimes our passion gets in our way.

Create Breakthroughs to your inner potential. End the mental stress and chaos as you
Find FREEDOM, CONTROL, and SECURITY in all of your life and business

Choose the path that is best for you - 

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Massive Success is available to EVERYONE!

Unfortunately thousands of entrepreneurs languish on the edge of success, but never fully reach it.  

Napoleon Hill said that the secret to success lies
inside of us and so do the barriers.

Start unlocking the barriers
and achieving a solid future.

"But how do you help me do it, Brett?!"

Easy!  It is said that entrepreneurs
need at least 2 coaches:  

One for the business and one for the mind.  


When you work with me you will -



Discover and Unlock the hidden "mind trash" barriers that sabbotage you from breaking through to success and creates resistance to implementation.

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Clearly define your WHY and discover what it is that motivates you to action. What you want, why you want it, how it moves you.  Then you will succeed.

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Learn how to leverage powerful neural language that will change the way you interact and greatly increase your communication skills for profit and for life. 



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I Do Breakthroughs Personal Empowerment Success Coaching
Unlock YOUR Millionaire Mind!!

Every entrepreneur needs at least 2 coaches.  One that is niche specific and teaches you how to build your brand and your product.  The other who helps you get out of and stay out of your head so that you can finally access the power of your creative genius. I Do  Breakthroughs is the program that will help you drop the barriers that have held you back, unleash your full potential.

Marriages (and business) Worth Millions Bluprint. 

Don't Let Business Bankrupt The Family - Make a Marriage Worth Millions gives you the blueprint for creating powerful and profitable relationship in the business and the home.  Benjamin Disraeli said "No Success In Public Life Can Compensate For Failure In The Home." Numerous studies have shown that when an entrepreneurs home relationships are in order, they are more resilient, more creative, and more willing to stretch boundaries and reach farther. 

When you learn how to build and nurture deep and committed relationships, you have learned the biggest part of creating a lasting business.  Treat your business like a Marriage Worth Millions and Increase the ROI in both. Simon Sinek has said "100% of customer are people.  100% of employees are people. If you don't understand people, you don't understand business."  My take is "If business is based on relationships, than maybe it's time to start learning about realtionahsip."



We C.A.R.E. Relationship Focused Practice and Staff Development Certification


P.E.P. Mastermind

Customers, Prospects, and Staff are all asking the same thing about you and your practice - "A.R.E. you there for me?"  Train your team, staff, organization in the power of positive relationships for increased sales and a better work environment for everyone. When they know that you C.A.R.E. and that you A.R.E. there for them customers will buy more, refer more, staff work harder, and stay with you longer.
The We C.A.R.E. Training and Certification program will maximize your profits and set you apart from the competition. Remember what grandma used to say - "No-one cares how much you know, until they know how much you C.A.R.E."  Learn to leverage the power of positive relationships. 
The Profitable Ethical Practice (P.E.P.) Mastermind is THE source for practice and personal coaching to increase your ethical profitablility and build a successful practice.  Every successful professional needs a mastermind and you will not find a more success focused practice empowering program anywhere.  

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