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Being in business and owning your own practice is one the greatest joys there is in life. The freedom and the prosperity that can come from it are endless.
So is the heart-ache, and stress it can bring.

Staff conflict, patient care and retention, and balancing family and business all increase the potential for burnout and stress.

The good news is -- with the right tools and the proper coaching,

You can build a profitable stress-free practice and a fantastic life.

Brett M. Judd MSW has a program for you.  


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Beating Personal Burnout
and Stress
Developing Leadership in the Millennial Age Creating Self-Directed
Autonomous Teams



patient consult

All business is about relationships.  
Every successful practice understands that a profitable staff and devoted patients require more than just great clinical skills.  The ability to leverage relationships has never been more important. 


Millennial Staff

Leadership in the age of Millennials. 

No other generation has ever caused so much conflict and at the same time given so much potential to the modern business. In order to adapt, practice management and staff procedures must adjust.  

Survival in the Millennial Age requires it.     READ MORE

Finding balance in business and life

Ending the Burnout producing stress and finding balance.
3 tools to ensure are always at the very top of your emotional and mental game. 



Dr. Phillip Lance
Miami Valley Smiles
Mason, Ohio

"Talking with Brett really helped me bring clarity about how to approach things and maybe take a little more time talking about things - or listening about things - as opposed to just jumping to the answer."

Scott Warga
ACSI - Chandler AZ.

"[Brett's] ability to see where things were going to go .. and to prepare me for that mentally was unbeleivable. It's incredible the way he has taken the psychological, or the counseling, ability and brought it home to where the average business person can take that information and use it improve their business."

Brad Szolloes
Liguid Leadership

"You don't really just realize how much your personal relationships effect your business relationships and your life.  This is the first couple (Me and Gina) who bring it down to brass tax ..."

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Brett understands how to increase the functionality and profitability
of your practice by directly applying the principles that drive human behavior. 

Brett is the author of Relationship Focused Business Success
and the Creator of the Profitable Practice Blueprint. 

Discover why he is called The Practice Therapist and
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A.R.E. the pieces fitting together in your practice?

Let Brett help build a Profitable Practice Blueprint that will close the gaps that cause burnout - and cost you money!      
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